Hello world

Photo by Matteo Cancellieri on Unsplash

Hey, nice to meet you! Welcome to this course blog on Customer Insights for Innovation.

Let's get the introductions out of the way.

I'm Jake Wang, a senior business analytics major with a concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship at W&M. In the spring of 2016, I transferred in from Rice University where I had previously been studying psychology and computer science.

I'm a Nova kid, and my younger brother studies aerospace engineering at VT. Our family includes a monk parakeet and a golden retriever lab mix. They're both adorable, although the former is significantly riskier to pet than the latter.

Stuff I love to work on:
∅ visual design and human experiences
∅ early stage startups, entrepreneurship, and finding the unexpected
∅ data research, wrangling, and synthesis.

Stuff I believe in practicing:
∅ compassion, grit, pushing others up
∅ focused listening, trust, and humble leadership
∅ being a Giver who hopes to add value wherever he can

Recently, I've been interested in UI/UX design and how new technologies shape our expectations and experiences. On a broader note innovation and entrepreneurship to me is not about one special idea or getting funding - I love it because it suggests that our unique perspectives make it possible for us to solve common problems.

Feel free to check out my WIP portfolio at jakewang.info and connect with me on LinkedIn.